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Gingerbread House Project

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

The Gingerbread House Project
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A verse for a group of twisted versions of the fairy tales we know and love.

once upon a time.

The Gingerbread House Project (GHP) was an attempt by the government to turn young children into super-soldiers using the medium of fairy tales. Using a sophisticated hologram program, the kids were sent through these fairy tales over and over until finally they adopted the belief that they were the heroes and heroines of the stories. The villains were meant to be holograms only, but as time went on the researchers, who already possessed rather dubious morals, involved themselves in the stories by taking on the roles of the bad guys.

Now, everyone knows that people in fairy tales live happily ever after-- that is, they don't die. And so through the Project the children were granted veritable immortality, as well as a particular special ability related to their characters, so long as they continued to believe that they were the characters from the fairy tales.

And believe they did. For a time.

a twist in the story.

Ten years ago, the Project was shut down when a child died in it. The researchers involved were incarcerated or went into hiding, biding their time until they could finish the jobs they set out to do, at times watching or even meddling in the affairs of the now globally-scattered children.

As for the children themselves, they returned to the "real world." Some were returned to the homes they had been taken from prior to the Project. Others, with no homes to go to, were given to orphanages or foster homes. In either case, their caretakers were given copious amounts of hush money to make up for the fact that their recently acquired charge believed themselves to be a character from a fairy tale.

For the next ten years, the children struggled to cope with the strange new world they'd become a part of. Some did not even bother to try conforming, running off and living on their own instead. Some forgot or were forced to forget that they were the fairy tale characters, thereby losing both their gift and their immortality-- much to the sorrow of those who managed to integrate themselves into the real life, making a balance between the fairy tale world and the real one. For those, it seemed that all would be well in time-- at least, until they got a letter recalling them back to active duty.

new beginnings.

The Project, for reasons yet unknown to its victims, has been revived. The GHPers-- all of them children no longer-- are reuniting with each other again, some for the first time in ten years. But with their return comes that of the villains of their stories-- the researchers-- and as the GHPers try to dodge the new threats and learn more about the sudden need for the Project revival, they may discover things about themselves and others that they never truly wished to know.

And this is where our story begins.

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