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Hey guys!

I kind of want to bring a new character to the fold and liven my rp life up a bit more, but I need to know if it's alright with you guys first, since my idea(s) are going to be main characters in other fairy tales that are already present here.

IDEA ONE: the crane wife's husband
    the idea is that he's never forgotten her
    and has been searching for her
    and wants to be a better husband
IDEA TWO: the emperor from the nightingale story
    the idea is that he's the kid she saved
    but all grown up
    and kind of weird.......

I don't know which of these two I want to do, but they would both be interesting!

What do you think?

So I've been gone forever

Life's been kinda hectic, but I think I've got it under control for now. Still, as much as I don't want to leave I've been toying with the idea of not dropping anyone but possibly giving Mulan and Princess a break... I love them, but they're just not as fun without Tailor and Shang around and considering I just learned Shang won't be around and Tailor hasn't been...yeah.

So, executive decision: Mulan and Princess are on the shelf until an unspecified future date in which Tailor and/or Shang come back, and Beast's gonna be hella more active now. Okay. I think that's all.
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Hi guys.

So things have been pretty crazy with me lately and I'm sorry to say that as a result, Miller and Shang's voices have completely dropped off the face of the earth. I don't think I'll be able to get them back any time soon, so that means that I'm afraid I'll be letting go of this wonderful GHP land. :(

Unfortunately, that also means that unless someone else wants to take charge, the entire game'll be without a mod. Now, if someone else wants to hop on I had some faint ideas for ways you can go from here and I can turn over the mod accounts, or we can just let things fade to the dust/become much more DRish/SWS-tracky for now.

Miller might make an appearance around SWS as a non-Project related OC someday and Shang may pop up if I'm feeling nostalgic. It's also entirely possible that in the far future I may get the urge and inspiration to make things live again-- maybe on IJ or even here-- but until then, it's time to say adieu to the Project for me.

Thanks for everything, guys. It's really, truly been an amazing ride. GHP was my first "game" and it'll always have a special place in my heart.


Idea I've had rattling around in my head

This is something I've been thinking about with Ginger's story. Ginger has no significant other, mostly due to him getting eaten at the end of his story. ;-) What if...what if the Fox, which should be his arch enemy, is actually who was supposed to be his significant other.

I think this could be very interesting to explore, if not rather angsty.

I'm throwing this out there if any one would be interested in playing with this idea. :-)

Gingerbread Man seeks his Fox for interesting encounter, but no biting off of limbs!
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Come and follow the breadcrumbs, children...

Characters: All Project members.
Location: The Facility
Time: January 27, 2012. Early evening.
Content: The Project members are finally meeting their new boss and learning more about why the Project has been revived.
Warnings: None expected, TBD.
Note: There are two parts to this post-- a sort of 'waiting game' bit where all the Project members are being lead into that one room and just trying to figure things out among themselves. This main post builds up to that, and responses to the main post can go under the "Waiting Game" comment. Once everyone's in and freaked out for a bit (so maybe two, three days,) a second part will go up where the Project members will finally meet with someone who will be able to give the big reveal of why they've been called back. This is mainly so we can have as many of the kiddos get in here and officially be "home" (all others will likely be handwaved,) but also so that I can get this going and still have time to deal with some RL crazy things that are going down over here. Apologies for any slow responses. Threadjacking in this is likely inevitable and therefore encouraged. <3 

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Hello-hello~! I'm a newbie around here, and I'll be bringing in Lucas Cobbler, the old soldier from The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Except not so old. Because... because.

I'll probably have an SWS post up in a few minutes, so... please stand by? :D Haha~ I'm always up for plotting and delightful shenanigans like that, and I'm really looking forward to playing with you!

Edit: Here's the SWS post~